How to be safe online


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Using the internet

Looking at how the digital world is changing the way we live and with the emergence of new apps and games every day can make the internet feel overwhelming, but there are actually only a limited number of functions apps can have.

Benefits of using the internet

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Such as streaming movies on Netflix or watching YouTube.

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Such as online games or going online through gaming consoles.

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Household Admin

Such as online banking, ordering the weekly shopping, etc.

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Such as social media sites like Instagram or online blogging.

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Such as online courses for learning new skills or hobbies.

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Such as messaging or using social media such as Facebook or forums.

Learn how to be safe online

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Useful information

The internet is always evolving and as it does there are new risks emerging and new security measures that you can put in place.

Lots of websites offer useful information and are updated regularly, these are a few we can recommend.

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